Dr. Armin Keshmiri

2001 - 2007 Studied medicine at the University of Graz, Austria

2009 Department of orthopaedics and trauma surgery, Klinik Vincentinum, Augsburg

2009 - 2011 Department of orthopaedics, trauma surgery and reconstructive surgery, Zentralklinikum, Augsburg

2012 - 2016 Department of orthopaedics, Asklepios Klinik, Bad Abbach, for the University Hospital Regensburg

2015 Additional qualification in manual medicine

2015 Received higher education teaching qualification

2015 Qualified as a consultant specialist

2016 - 2017 Senior physician, Department of orthopaedics/trauma surgery and sport orthopaedics, Isarklinikum, Munich

JUNE 2017, Director, Knee and Hip Institute, Munich

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